Our Mission

To provide our customers with the capital needed to increase their growth and profitability.
Our, best-in-class, industry experts provide turnkey green energy projects; equipment financing; and customized financial solutions. From start-up business to large enterprise customers, our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Company Profile:

We provide capital asset lease financing to start-up, early stage, quickly growing & other qualified organizations that may have limited capital to purchase assets needed to support their businesses.

VFS is an independent Equipment Leasing & Finance company. The company provides solutions serving a wide range of industries. The company was founded in 2009 with the focus on the underserved Small and Midsize Business credits.

Industries in which there are high rates of change, often driven by the emergence of new and disruptive technologies, regulatory change or emerging trends will typically seek a variety of funding sources and alternative funding solutions. VFS strives to help our customers by providing financial solutions to support the growth and challenges they face.

VFS leases equipment for companies small and large.

VFS is committed to and participates in various outreach programs in our own community, nationwide, and internationally.

Creative Structured Leasing and Financing:

Traditional methods of funding a purchase are not always practical or necessary. VFS offers a flexible, innovative and alternative financing vehicle to the traditional method of using working capital or loans. Our leasing alternatives provide several benefits that traditional bank financing cannot. The underlying equipment usually secures the leases, without any restrictive financial covenants, whereas banks will often require blanket liens on all company assets. Limitations like this can cause delays and have a direct impact on growth.

VFS has the ability to provide lease financing for any and all capital asset acquisitions, including new, or high-quality name brand, refurbished previously owned equipment.

In addition, we may be able to purchase and provide lease financing for your currently owned, in place equipment. Send pertinent information and completed Credit Application to kcowan@vfsmi.com, and we will promptly review and respond.

Brokers Welcome

We work directly with brokers and referral sources to structure financing that  enables you to strengthen your client relationships.  We value our broker and referral relationships and look forward to helping you assist your clients.

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