Energy Services

a division of Venture Funding Specialists

Who we are 
• Green energy services and solution provider
• Fuel cell systems developer
• Largest North American VAR (Valued Added Reseller) for Doosan Corporation
• Own and manage 21 fuel cells nationwide


What we do 
• Reduce and stabilize utility costs
• Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
• Increase energy efficiency
• Provide backup and disaster recovery
• $0 down project financing that includes:

  • • Engineering
  • • Constructions Services
  • • Renewable energy credit application submission, siting council submission, and all necessary permitting
  • • Long term care and services
  • • Custom tailored Purchase Power Agreements (PPA) and Energy Services
  • Agreements (ESA)


Typical client 
• Paying .15 cents or more per kwh
• Usage greater than 300,000 kwh per month / 3.6 million kwh per year
Located in region that offers renewable energy credits
• Reduce utility cost
• Frequent need for low-grade and/or high-grade hot water
• Redundancy needed for mission critical applications


News articles “Montville Water Pollution Control Authority facility gets fuel cell” “With fuel cell fully operational, Montville anticipates energy savings”

Doosan Fuel Cell America:

Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. is one of newest additions to Doosan’s 119-year-old legacy of global industrial and energy related companies. Founded in 2014 following the acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of the former UTC Power (a division of United Technologies), the company is built on the experience of its employees and the more than 50 years of broad investment and development in fuel cell technologies that accompanied the acquisition.


VFS is a (VAR) Value Added Reseller and developer of Doosan fuel cells that provides turnkey solutions for Doosan customers. VFS utilizes Government, State and local incentives along with a high residual value that allows the end user “highly leveraged financing”, with low monthly payments. VFS is also a Doosan customer with over $60M worth of fuel cell assets under VFS management.